Sunday, June 5, 2011

Healthy Food To Lose Weight

A filling pre-meal salad can help you cut down on what you eat for your main course. To avoid that 'I'm just eating leaves' feeling (if you're a carbohydrates person, you'll know what I'm talking about), throw in olive oil, pulses, or even some hummus to add that filling-feeling to your food. Eat this slowly with water.
The Sweet Dish:
No one said the sweet dish must be an exercises in swallowing sugar and unhealthy goop. Replace your 2 servings of gulag jamun with some homemade fruit yogurt (add fruits to yogurt, obviously). Or low-fat Gelato ice cream.
Or even some 'kawa' herbal tea in the winter - it'll fill you up, help you digest your food faster, and is tasty.
Replace eating the hard-earned bread with cereal in the morning. However, avoid your standard sweetened pops (Choco-puffs, and other manner of crystallised fruit and sugar recipes). Get simple cereal, add milk and fruits, and no more than 2 spoons of sugar for tasting.

Often what you perceive as hunger is simply thirst.
Further, before instinctively reaching for that juice or wine, have a glass of water - your cravings for something liquid might be for water.Have a glass of water before eating - it'll trick your stomach into feeling fuller.
Barbecue your Meat, fish and poultry instead of frying it - if you're eating out, this is even more important as food is often re-fried - insist on the barbecued meat.

Secondly, barbecuing causes meat's fat to drip off, offering you a healthier, yet more flavorful meal.
Low Fat Milk:
It's a stupid Indian myth that full cream milk is "real milk". Low fat milk is made by removing the fat content (less saturated fat, cholesterol and less calories), without affecting any of the nutritional content that milk offers you.

Rusk with Tea:
That hour before lunch when you're thinking about lunch - get some tea with a rusk. Your cup of tea contains caffeine, a hunger- suppressant. The rusk or two act as a a low-calorie filling snack.

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