Thursday, April 14, 2011

Diet Rich In Protein

Your body actually is similar to a chimps, it needs greens lots of them, this may sound odd but its true!Your body needs the ammino acids from dark leafy greens and the chlorophyl acts as a super protein.

Stay away from all the animal protein your body doesn't need any of it infact, when meat is cooked it becomes acidic which makes your Ph imbalanced, and your more supsceptible to dieseases. Your body DOESN'T NEED ANY ANIMAL PROTEIN, remember that people weren't eating meat until after the flood, it says so in the bible.

The only way to eat meat, eggs is to cook it, when you cook it your get rid of vital and essential things in the food such as enzymes and nutrients almost half of this cooked away when you destroy it at high temperatures.

If you eat cooked foods it is bad, this may be hard to believe but its true, since its cooked and there are no enzymes it makes your body work so hard to digest all these foods!
Why do you think you get so serious and your hair gets so greasy after eating alot of meat, THATS WHY!!

So please if you really really want to gain your hair back create healthy Ph levels AND detox your body AND have a clearer mind.All you have to do is eat Fruits and Vegtables and Nuts, and I GARANTEE you, you will see whatever problem of defiency your body has will gain it back and become even stronger!!!

All you really need is fruits veggies and nuts. As I said thats all they ate in bible times and look how healthy they were, noah lived soo long before the flood.

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