Thursday, April 14, 2011

What are the foods that don't have sugar?

1.People with diabetes can eat high-fiber foods, promote the body sugar metabolism, such as corn, wheat, cabbage, leek, soy products.Sugar low vegetables. Such as leeks, squash, wax gourd, pumpkin, green vegetables, green pepper, eggplant. And tomatoes, which can do low sugar content can do fruit and vegetables can eat more.
2.Eat more contain calcium food . Calcium can cause diabetes illness. Such as shrimp skin, kelp, ribs, sesame paste, soybean, milk, etc.
3.Rich of selenium food. Selenium has the same adjustment with insulin physiological activity of sugar metabolism. Such as fish, mushrooms, sesame, garlic, mustard, etc., which could reduce blood glucose, improve diabetes symptoms.
4.Rich in vitamin B and vitamin C food. Supplement these two elements, helps to slow down the process of diabetes complications of diabetes, to relieve the retina, nephronia beneficial. Disease Such as fish, milk, cabbage, beans and vegetables, mustard greens, cabbage, green peppers, fresh jujubes, etc.
5.In addition, pumpkin, balsam pear, onion, HuangShan on patients drinks, feed more and more urinary symptoms were obviously improved effect, have a lower blood sugar, regulate blood sugar concentration of function, fit to eat.
6.Rich in protein. Grain protein content for general 10% ~ 12%. Oats, about the highest content, barley (a 15.6% keep about 13.4% barley) about 11%, buckwheat, wheat, maize about 10% for 8%. But the grain amino acids are not good, does not belong to high grade protein.
7.Fat content is low. Grains in general fat content only 1% ~ 2%, corn 4.3 percent. Many for the unsaturated fatty acid, its oil belong to high quality oils.

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