Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reasons For Getting Pimples?

For men and women pimples is a big problem.Both are affected equally.These are the constraints of beauty and it reduces the self confidence.Do you know why we get pimples in teenage?

                         There are many reasons for getting pimples.A follicle is a tiny skin duct under the skin that a single hair grows out of. Below the duct is a tiny gland that produces sebum, skin oil. Due to this our skin will be very soft. This gland will  have a  micro hole.
From this oil is produced to the surface of the skin.Sometimes these tiny glands will be blocked with waste materials and some bacteria.Due to this the oil can not be released from skin.The skin will be swollen.White blood cells which protect our body will reach this place.The pimple of acne forms when the white blood cells doing battle with the bacteria make their way to the surface of the skin, erupting into a large white or whitish-yellow lump.There are also other reasons  for getting pimples like defects in our skin and some other diseases.There are chances of getting pimples by  taking spicy and fatty foods.

                      It is better to consult a skin specialist.He will find the reason for getting pimples to you.And gives a right medicine.weshould not use different creams which are available in the market.We should not rub the pimples with nails.If we rub, it will form blackspots.To get rid of this,we have to wash our face 4-5 time of a day.Doing physical exercises also reduce pimples.Because it allowsgood blood flow.So that the skin glands will never be blocked.


  1. I am also suffer from lots of pimples on my face since long time. I am really want to know some treatment to disappeared my pimples.

  2. Acne is a disease occurs when the skin's pores clogged or infected.The basic knots is a preventive health and preventive skin care.