Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What is IQ?

To know the intelligence of humans,psychological scientists introduced a special way.i.e., I.Q.It stands for Intelligence quotient.It can be expressed in numeric values.To know the I.Q of a person, we have to divide his mental age with his actual age.After getting quotient ,it should be multiplied with 100.This can be  done by using the following formula.

                                      I.Q=(MA(Mental Age)/CA(Chronological age))*100;

                       If the mental age of a person is in between 130-140,then the person can be treated as very cleverer.If the I.Q is 100 then the knowledge of a person is average.If it is 70 or below 70 then he is poor in knowlege.Many scientists used to believe that every person will get some knowledge from his birth and like blue eyes,tall,short,etc.. ,knowledge is also a own feature of the humans.They thought that it can be determined by a single test.But a scientist called alphaid Bennett from france proved that it was a wrong imagination.He wanted to provide a method  to determine the knowlege of the students.In the event of that,he also made a research to find out whether
knowledge is gained from birth or not.

                         psychological scientists feel that these  intelligence tests can not determine the knowledge of humans exactly.They can estimate only what the person was already learned.They can not estimate how quickly the person is able to learn.So that they can not give accurate results.Many scientists feel that intellegence or knowledge depends on the understanding nature or learning capability of that person. Not only learning capabilities vary from one person to other but also remembering capabilities vary from one person to other. While solving their own  problems,the use of knowledge and past experience is different from one person to another.Due to this only
knowledge has no standard definition.

          Scientists are still making a research on "how the person is being clever than others".They proved that knowledge depends on his environment and heridity.Every person will be born with some mental capability.The other things will support to increase or not to increase that capability.So finally from all these observations,it is clear that knowledge is not gained from heridity and we can not treat any single feature as a knowledge.and also it can not be determined by the tests.

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